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Yes, but we don`t know the law of your country regarding this. We can not offer advice on the method you use to acquire a car or introduce you to a car dealer. Depending on the country, you may not be able to import car models. You need to check your country`s registration laws before you begin the purchasing process. We won`t be liable for your loss to customs.
No, We don`t give any warranty but, We diclose any interior/exterior damage, the distance the car has been driven etc. We report this information if you need additional reassurance with a contracted inspection service, which inspects odometers and chassis.
We accept all paymenr via bank wire transfer T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) and L/C (Letter of Credit), at moment. We do not accept any payment by credit card. So please note that all bank tranfer charges should be paid by customer.
Bank details are located in the company information section.
Credit Card payment is currently NOT available.
Currently, you can pay in either Japanese Yen or US Dollar. Once we start accepting payment by credit card, You can pay in Japanese Yen, US$ or Euros etc.
Yes we do accept L/C once approved by our Banking institution. All L/C fees to be covered by the customer.
Yes, the charges depend on the amount of time untill we receive payment from the bank. It is usually Approximately 20,000 Yen per vehicle.
You can convert Japanese Yen to other currencies with our currency converter link.
Payments must be made in either Japanese Yen or US dollar bt T/T.
Payments must be reach our Japanese bank within 3 business working days, otherwise your contract will be cancelled.
No, we do not. Your car will be shipped after receipt of your payment is confirme by our Japanese Bank.
Please calculate shipping charges from our freight calculator system. you can get the rough idea of the freight from Japanese port to your country. Please ote this is for your reference purpose only. You will get the prcise shipping charge on our Official Invoice. you can also get quotation/estimate cost of the cars before ordering.
The shipping informtaion wil be provided along with the invoicing and bill of Laden.
We can assit you in the insuring of your shipment if so required of us.
We will send following documents:
  1. Bill of Laden
  2. Invoice
  3. De-registration certificate (Japanese & English translated copy)
  4. All records will be made available for viewing along wih pictures of vehicles.
The ocene carrier issues the B/L serves as a receipt for goods, an evidence of the contract of carriage, and a documnet of title to the goods.

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