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We provide real Auction ID and Password not dummy auction sites to our honorable clients to see and search their desired vehicle. Hurry up! Sign up and contact us by Live Chat or Phone Calls for Auction Login ID and Password.

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Bidding to a vehicle through our web site is 100% free and you can bid as many as you wish. Before bidding, you need to deposit an amount ranging from 10% to 50% of the vehicle cost and refundable anytime if you change your mind.

We will bid the vehicle after confirming your deposit arrival.

Why Buy from Auction

Japan used vehicle auctions is full with thousands of Cars, Van, Trucks, Buses and Machinery. If you are tired of to find your desired vehicle you are on right place. You can save your precious time on searching from Auction sites because a huge inventory of vehicles is available and it is safe to buy a vehicle direct from auctions. Moreover you will can get the vehicle on competitive prices.

Auction 100% Safe & Secure Purchase to Deliver Process

Auction 100% Client Satisfaction and Honestly Working

Advantage of Japanese Vehicle Auction Process

All vehicles must be first inspected by the Auction House before they can be auctioned because the reputation of an Auction House is in its accuracy of assessing a vehicle`s condition. They strive to give fair inspections to all the vehicles. When vehicle inspection takes place they use a form called an `Auction Inspection Sheet` Auction sheets are an essential part of buying used cars from Japan which shows:

  • Vehicle`s Data (Registration, Chassis Number, etc.)
  • Any crash history about vehicle
  • Any dents or scratches on the vehicle, rated in severity
  • Any rust or corrosion on the vehicle
  • Any engine noise or transmission problem
  • Any accessory damage
  • Any odometer history of original mileage issues
  • The vehicle`s Rating (e.g. 4.5) Inspection Grade Auctions(Click here)

Exporting vehicles to any country is made easy with using a Japanese Auction Agents on your behalf.

Auction sheets

Auction sheets are a great resource; they should not be relied upon 100% and should only be used as a indication of the condition of the car.

Below you will find more specific information on Auction sheet grading and interior grades and also a full translation of a different Auction Sheets Very useful information for reading the Japanese Auction Sheets if you are not fluent in Japanese!. We can help with the translations of the Auction Sheets also.


Our process is first we bring the vehicle to our vehicle yard and thoroughly inspect the vehicle. Do any modifications if requested by the customer and ship it to the customer.

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