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How To Order From Auction

Our order and shipment processes are designed specifically to provide ease and security to all of our customers. The process starts from the payment of initial deposit to gain access of the portal & bidding rights, attainment of a vehicle from auctions through bidding, payment of the invoice amount and delivery of the selected automobile at the requested port. The customers are kept aware of the advancements throughout the process to provide transparency while ensuring complete delivery security.

1: Signup / Registration

The first step to get the process underway is to register on the website of Fareena Corporation Japan. There are no charges for signing up on the website, the users have to provide the information required and provide confirmation via email. Registering on the website will allow the users to use the portal and its functions completely.

2: Auction Security Deposit

To take part in the bidding process, the customers will have to pay a security deposit. The security deposit is refundable, and will be paid back to the in case of unsuccessful bidding. If a bid is successful, the security deposit will be adjusted in the invoice amount of the vehicle won in the auction.

3: Bidding in Auction

The success of Fareena Corporation Japan lies in its simple and easy buying process. We have aligned our processes in a manner that it allows customers to choose, purchase and have the vehicle delivered to their port in the least possible time. In a very short span of time, we have achieved and maintained a large number of repeating customers which again defines the strength of our smooth buying process.

4: Auction Result

The customer will be notified of the auction result through member via email, or if is there any others contacts. If the bid is successful, the customer will be provided with the invoice containing the CIF amount of the vehicle and payment methods. In case the bid is not successful this time as there are so many other bidders as well, you may get the full deposit back. Otherwise, we can bid for you in the next available auction and the amount already paid by you will be used for that bid.

5: Remaining Payment

Once the bid is successful, we will inform you about it along with the details of the full payment you need to make. We use most of the payment options available around the world such as PayPal, Credit Card T/T. Transfer Of Telegraphic etc Your payment is secured which gives flexibility to buyers using our service. you will be required to make the payment as per the invoice sent.

6: Shipment of your vehicle

After full payment is made, as per the decided terms, we will ship the vehicle to the desired destination Port at the earliest. You will be also sent a shipping schedule, giving you complete details on the delivery of your vehicle.

7: Delivery of Documents

The documents required for customs clearance will be sent to the customer through courier services. The documents sent to the customers include:

  1. Export Certificate
  2. Bill Of Lading
  3. Final Invoice
  4. Marine Insurance (if required)
  5. Inspection Certificate (if required) inspection by ( JAAI - JEVIC - EAA - INTERTEK - QISJ - VCA )

8: Vehicle Delivery to your Port

The vehicle will be delivered to the your destination ports as per the schedule, which will be communicated to you. It is suggested that you bring all the documents for the costom clearing process so that the process can be completed smoothly, or contact to your local clearing agent can help you to complete the procedure and give you an indication on the fee and taxes to be paid.

Buyer Protection

We offer buyers to find Cars, Trucks and Machinery Equipment Automobile related items on our service. We have a secure system in place to ensure that buyers are safe against all kinds of fraud while buying an item through our online service. safely rests with us.

Multiple Safe Payment Options

We use most of the payment options available around the world such as PayPal, Credit Card T/T. Transfer Of Telegraphic etc Your payment is secured which gives flexibility to buyers using our service.

Shipping Protection

Your order will be shipped on time according to the details of your contract with us. In the event of a delay, you will be eligible for a refund.

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